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January 15 - 2024 On-site

Bar Manager- Summer Festivals 2024

Job Overview:
Join our Summer Team as a Festival Bar Manager providing exceptional beverage experiences. We’re seeking seasoned professional’s to lead a dynamic team across various festival bars, from VIP areas, Brand Sponsor Activations, small/medium bars and larger mega bars where you’ll manage a team of over 100 staff, including a team of Assistant Bar Managers.


Leadership and Team Management: Provide effective leadership, cultivating a positive team environment to ensure the highest standards of service.

Operational Excellence: Maintaining a high standards of festival bar operations, optimizing efficiency and providing incredible service.

Customer Experience: Focusing on customer experience by promptly addressing concerns and upholding service excellence whilst representing the Peppermint.

Inventory and Stock Management: Implement stock monitoring and coordination with Stock Managers and Runners for efficient deliveries. Manage and control minimizing stock waste, contributing to cost-effectiveness.

Quality Assurance and Training: Uphold our Peppermint standards of beverage quality and presentation. Conducting comprehensive training with all bar staff and assistant managers to enhance team capabilities and ensure consistency.

Compliance and Safety: Ensure adherence to health and safety regulations, including responsible alcohol service practices. You will be expected to conduct Licencing Training with all bar staff, including briefings on acceptable forms of ID, who they can ask if unsure and ensuring bar staff are adhering to Challenge 25 throughout there shift.

Brand Sponsor Bars Responsibilities: Collaborate directly with clients to oversee brand sponsor activation bars, ensuring alignment with brand standards.

Large Bars Responsibilities: Strategically oversee Stock, Tech, Staffing, or Cellar management on large bars, optimizing operational efficiency. Train and lead a team of Assistant Bar Managers to ensure a cohesive and high-performing unit.

Collaboration: Foster effective collaboration with festival management, to optimize overall event coordination.

Problem Resolution: Proactively identify and resolve operational challenges, ensuring minimal impact on the guest experience.

Flexibility: Adapt seamlessly to changing circumstances and dynamic schedules inherent in the festival environment.

Communication: Maintain transparent and effective communication with the festival team, Managers and clientele.


-Previous experience as a Bar Manager, Assistant Manager or history of working in hospitality, preferably in a festival or large-scale event setting.
-Demonstrated leadership and team management skills.
-Knowledge of beverage operations, inventory control, and quality assurance.

Personal Licenses:

Personal Licence’s are mandatory for Bar Managers overseeing our Medium to Large bars. Depending on the site or specific sponsor requests, all Bar Managers may need a personal licence to operate at these events, regardless of the bar size. Lack of a personal licence renders individuals ineligible to manage bars at such occasions.

We strongly recommend reaching out to your local council and exploring the process of obtaining a licence for the summer. This not only fulfills the requirement for certain events but also broadens your employment prospects, potentially leading to higher-paying jobs and professional development.

Working Conditions:
This role involves operating in a dynamic festival environment, with schedules subject to variation based on festival timings. Apply now to be a key contributor to our festival team, ensuring an unforgettable and professionally executed event!

The business is seasonal, Summer months are incredibly busy – busiest periods between June and September. Many event sites are outdoor events and festivals and camping onsite is available, please note, for camping shows, you will need to provide your own tent and camping supplies.

Please complete the form below and add on a copy of your CV, you can also register and interest if any other roles you would like to be considered for.

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Location Onsite, UK Based
Hospitality Bar Manager
Festivals Onsite

Values required


We tackle challenges and opportunities with passion and enthusiasm. Across the business we have fun whilst we do it.


We are always flexible to the needs of the business. Our people generate innovative ways of working. In return our leadership
embraces new ideas and opportunities.

Team Work

We work as one team to achieve a common goal. We support our customers, our partners and each other.

Customer Focus and Excellence

We make a difference by going the extra mile for our customers and each other.

Business Specific Requirements

Operating Environment & Context

The business is very seasonal. Summer months are incredibly busy, with the busiest periods between May to September, and the month December. Many event sites are outdoor events and festivals on weekends.

Travel & Other Requirements

Travel required to and from events if required during the summer months. It is expected that you will visit certain events to assist the onsite teams, provide in person training and feedback or evaluate performance, system and process.

Overnight stays may be required but in conversation with yourself.
Evening and weekend availability is expected in the summer months during live events to assist where necessary. This can be remote. Overtime is paid.